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Non Violence VS. Police State

Posted in Current Events, Government Toys by blackboxjournal on October 26, 2011

Yesterday morning officially began the War of the People VS. The Police State. A chemical bomb was thrown in an Occupy Maine encampment. Less than 12 hours later across the country riot cops stormed Occupy Oakland and seized and barricaded the plaza were they had been staying. Now just hours ago, riot police rained down a furry of tear gas and rubber bullets at Oakland protesters. This is War. Unarmed citizens have been attacked. Where are the Black Panthers and the Weathermen Underground when you need them?

Martin Luther King was a non-violent activist. Malcolm X believed in the right to bear arms.Where do we draw the line with the Occupy Movement. Police brutality can not be tolerated why we sit by and chant and claim the cops are part of the 99%. They are trained to become animals. They are not here to protect and serve the American people but to stomp out dissent with the militarized heel of the police state.

I-95U Miami’s New Super Highway Smells Fishy

Posted in Current Events, Government Toys by blackboxjournal on February 28, 2011

Like a scene from a  Sci-Fi movie directed by Blade Runner’s Ridley Scott, the future of travel has arrived at our doorsteps. We were too busy preparing for fixed elections and hunkering down in this new bad economy to notice what has been going on right here in South Florida. Apparently a new super highway is being built on the sea floor from the port of Miami to Haiti. This project is expected to be completed this year and the source of funds is not clear. It is a model for a new Global Highway being built in international waters, I suspect the UN may be the daddy of this fat little baby.

The Union of Everett interstate route number assigned to the tunnel is I-95U standing for Interstate 95 Underwater. The portion of the planned Caribbean Sea Tunnel, will span from Miami, Florida to Cap-Haitien in Haiti, a total of 600 miles of tunnel set at the bottom of the sea floor. I-95U will feature a rest stop every 50 miles containing fuel stations, food, restrooms and fire/medical/police centers...

Or this could be some elaborate hoax concocted by an ex Dungeon and Dragons turned gaming idiot who couldn’t get laid so he made his own little world on Wiki to get chicks…

The Apocalypse Now

Posted in Current Events, Government Toys by blackboxjournal on December 5, 2010

7 months after the BP oil spill, the real horror of the disaster is coming to surface. Huge bodily sores, collapsed lungs and infant deaths are the new American health pandemic. Forget the new influenza of biological terror, the truth is staring us down and will not go away. The oil emperor that now run our government have put a band-aid across your tv screen during the evening news. Wake up and smell the methane:

Welcome to China…

Posted in Current Events, Government Toys by blackboxjournal on July 13, 2010

As I sit here in the United States of America, so I thought. I am being blocked from internet sites while at the Public Library. Sites like and I googled news about this to see if this is some new legislation. I see bits of new under my search about protecting children, something about google safe mode, however when I click on this news I am automatically redirected to sites like Martha Stewart and Christmas Shopping Search Engines. We are no longer a sovereign nation. This is the New Republic of the World Order.

World Cup Buries Child Genocide

Posted in Current Events, Government Toys by blackboxjournal on June 21, 2010

June 16th marked 34 years since the Soweto Student Uprising in South Africa when thousands of grade school and high school children  took to the streets to protest learning “Afrikaans” in school. CNN covered the story as a backdrop to the World Cup. Not surprisingly, they reported that only 23 students were killed on that day in 1976. That is what the South African government also estimated. However, the truth is that as many as 700 students were killed and 4000 wounded on what is now honored as a national holiday called Youth Day.

Why would CNN stick to that low figure 34 years later when even a simple Wikipedia search turns out the real results? It is a perfect example of how illiterate and media controlled we are as a nation. They probably figured no one would do a simple internet search or god forbid pick up an actual encyclopedia. I’m sure South Africa doesn’t want any bad press, considering they have the World Cup in their hands, but really, come on… give us Americans a little faith CNN, some of us still know how to read.

In light of these events, it is ironic that I unknowingly rented “Cry Freedom” on June 16th. It stars Denzel Washington as Steve Biko a leader for Black Consciousness in South Africa at that time. The movie is based on his true story as written by newspaper editor Donald Woods, played by Kevin Kline. I’m sure you won’t find it at Blockbuster (at least the unedited version).

Again, thank you Broward Library for doing your job and educating me.

Codex Alimentarius Two Magic Words

Posted in Current Events, Drugs, Government Toys, Uncategorized by blackboxjournal on June 4, 2010

Codex Alimentarius is a secretive organization whose name sounds more like the latest Harry Potter Novel than an enforcer of WHO. I can actually see our dear Harry whimsically waving his wand proclaiming “Codex Alimentarius”; two sinister words that contain much black magic when you get down to decoding them.  An organization that began in 1962 under seemingly innocent terms to regulate food that is traded internationally, Codex Alimentarius is Latin for “Food Code”. It sounds wholesome enough, who can argue against food standards and regulations, especially with the advent of new super pesticides, GMO’s and cloning? Well, put on your Harry Potter Dunce cap for the real Codex Alimentarius de-coded.

The U.N of Food Laws, Codex can impose sanctions upon countries that do not follow by its “guidelines”, which are hardly voluntary. an organization that is coupled next to the WTO, WHO, the U.N, and the FDA in the U.S. All countries belonging to the WTO must “Harmonize” their food standards with Codex. This Orwellian Doublespeak has already been imposed on the once free people of the European Nations (Once free countries unto themselves) now known as the European Union.

In December of 2005, to much protest of Europeans, The EU set up a Vitamin and Mineral guide on the grounds that vitamins and minerals are” medical drugs” not food. Under the name of Directive on Dietary Supplements Codex Alimentarius has snuck into the very food on grocery store shelves without little word. All Vitamins and Minerals are to be sold in doses deemed appropriate by the government. The Directives list of supplements is down to a mere 15 minerals and 13 vitamins that do not include 40 necessary supplements to the human metabolism for survival such as Selenium, the others will only be allowed with a prescription. All Supplements whether over the counter or prescription must follow the governments RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) which is much lower than what is actually needed

“Merck,” according to VerKerk, controls the manufacturing and distribution of the base ingredients OF THE ONLY SUPPLEMENTS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE in Europe – and possibly North America.

Since 1973 the amount of vitamins occurring in fruits and vegetables has slowly dropped

without a real reason. Today you need to eat twice as many fruits and vegetables gain the same health benefits. Nutritionists are baffled by this fact but some claim this has happened because of modern food storage practices and the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, even when not in season. Fruit is harvested from places like Chile in the winter months, their summer time, and shipped to the U.S where it is irradiated and stored on warehouse shelves for up to 6 months. The fruit and vegetables appear “Fresh” due to irradiation, but it is the process of irradiation that strips our apples of there Vitamin C. So what was once a living, raw source of vital energy is stripped of her natural healing powers. The rise of preventable diseases has also steadily decreased along with our nutrients. I should also mention that irradiated food reacts in our bodies creating a chemical that interferes with human D.N.A affecting the genes of your children and theirs and eventually, yes all of humanity.

Most people do not realize that the world’s pharmaceutical companies control the FDA. The FDA answers to them, especially since the head of the FDA is Dick Cheney’s best friend. Because Dick Cheney owns Aspartame (NutraSweet, Sweet and low) and had Reagan appoint his friend to the FDA so Aspartame could be approved although, scientist doctors and nutritionist screamed out against it, warning of its toxicity in the human body. It causes tumors in rat’s kidneys and livers as well as Alzheimer’s and general brain retardation. At temperature above 86` aspartame turns into formaldehyde, well last time I check the human body temperature 96`,


In the very near future I forsee a grocery store commercial for the new chain called “Codex”. Over video of children lighting fireworks and eating watermelon a woman’s voice will say in a sexy English accent “Welcome to Codex, we are now a world in Harmony”, the New World Order’s slogan. People will sit back drinking their green tea with extra fluoride for is nutritional value, talking about how lucky we are to not be living in a time when people were so ignorant that they consumed organic produce subjecting themselves to the dangers of dirt, i.e. zinc, iron, potassium and all the other poisonous vitamins we used to consume.

Codex Alimentarius went into effect in the U.S last December, 2009.

Alliance for Natural Health’s (ANH)

Nuclear Waste in your Toothpaste

Posted in Current Events, Drugs, Government Toys, Uncategorized by blackboxjournal on June 2, 2010

 ‘The level of fluoride the government allows the public is based on scientifically fraudulent information and altered reports,’ charges Robert Carton, an EPA environmental scientist. ‘People can be harmed simply by drinking water,’ Carton warns. (7) 

So, ever wonder what fluoride is exactly? Does it really prevent cavities? Why does the government care so much about our teeth? I can’t help being a bit suspicious, especially because I was raised in a military town where the water tasted like a swimming pool. As kids we were always told not to drink it and our parents put carbon filters on our sinks. But we never discussed why it was so bad and I don’t think my parents really knew either, other than the fact it had a highly chemical taste. So here I offer you tax paying citizens, the truth, through once classified data, to the United State’s biggest kept secret.

Between 1941-1946 in Hanford Washington, the U.S government began a top-secret program called the Manhattan Project. This is scientists began development of the first Atomic bomb that would later be dropped on Nagasaki Japan. They began producing enriched Uranium, using uranium hexafluoride (UF6), which Fluorosilicic acid is a byproduct of.  


The U.S government had its own scientists prove that fluoride was not harmful to the human body. The DuPont Plant, responsible for the Manhattan Project was under pressure from lawsuits from nearby New Jersey Farmers. They claimed Fluoride killed their peach trees and crippled their livestock. 


“If the farmers won, it would open the door to further suits, which might impede the bomb program’s ability to use fluoride,’ said Jacqueline Kittrell, a Tennessee public interest lawyer specializing in nuclear cases, she added “The reports of human injury were especially threatening, because of the potential for enormous settlements — not to mention the PR problem.'(1) 


This top-secret study was called “Project F”. Based on research in 1939 a dentist named H. Trendley Dean, working for the U.S. Public Health Service, examined water in Towns in Texas. Although water with high levels of organic (not fluorosilicic acid) fluoride caused mottled teeth he found the children had little cavities, thus proclaiming fluoride prevented cavities. Although there has been significant research (especially outside the U.S) which suggests cavities in towns without fluoridated water were no different, this research has been ignored by the American Dental Association. 


‘I observed that… the percentage of children who were free of dental decay was higher in the unfluoridated part of most health districts in New Zealand.’, said John Colquhoun New Zealand’s most prominent fluoridation advocate and the country’s chief dental officer.(2) 

In a letter dated March, 1983 on EPA letterhead, written by then U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water, Rebecca Hanmer. In that document, Ms. Hanmer frankly admits that: 

In regard to the use of fluosilicic acid as a source of fluoride for fluoridation, this agency [the EPA] regards such use as an ideal environmental solution to a long-standing problem. By recovering by-product [read that: toxic waste product] fluosilicic acid from fertilizer manufacturing, water and air pollution are minimized, and water utilities have a low-cost source of fluoride available to them. (3) 

In fact, research suggests that too much fluoride causes dental fluorsis; a condition that leaves white spots on the teeth and in worst cases leaves teeth brown and brittle. If ingested, such as in drinking water, small amounts are absorbed in the bones causing osteoporosis. Research has also shown that in small children it causes low I.Q (Thought Control, Big Brother?) 


‘The notion that systemic fluorides are needed in nonfluoridated areas is an outdated one that should be abandoned altogether,’ says Canada’s leading fluoride authority, Hardy Limeback, head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto and past president of the Canadian Association for Dental Research. “Fluoride gets into every cell of the body and can especially damage the bones and teeth.,’ says Limeback. (4) 


An amount as small as 2.8 mg can cause crippling skeletal fluorosis, a condition were the vertebrae can fuse together crippling the patient. A 1991 U.S public health study found that through the consumption of tap water, toothpaste, food and other beverages we consume at least 6.5 mg of fluoride daily. 5g of pure sodium fluoride is deadly to the adult human. One tube of colgate alone contains %14 sodium fluoride per 221 g of toothpaste. That’s 30g of sodium fluoride.  Keep out of reach of children and adults. 


The CDC’s own website offers this warning from the EPA: 


On March 22, 2006, the committee’s report, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, was issued by the National Research Council. *  The report addresses the safety of high levels of fluoride in water that occur naturally, and does not question the use of lower levels of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.  The committee concluded that the current MCLG of 4 mg/L should be lowered to better protect people from the health risks associated with high natural fluoride levels.(5) 

Many countries will not fluoridate their water, such as France, Germany and England.

Water fluoridation was stopped in the following World Health Organization (WHO) Countries:  


Federal Republic of Germany (introduced 1952, stopped 1971)  

Sweden (introduced 1952, stopped 1971)  

Netherlands (introduced 1953, stopped 1976)  

Czechoslovakia (introduced 1958, stopped 1988/90)  

German Democratic Republic (introduced 1959, stopped 1990 (Spremberg 1993) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (introduced 1960, stopped 1990)  

Finland (introduced 1959, stopped 1993)  

Outside Europe: Japan (introduced 1952, stopped 1972)(6)  

While England’s water is unfluordated, English people consume 3 cups of tea a day on average. Tea leaves are more susceptible to absorption of fluoride from pollution in the soil and air. One cup of black tea has 7.8 mg of fluoride, steeped for 10 minutes or more doubles the amount. Green Tea has 22 mg per tea bag.
Another source of the toxic waste byproduct fluosilicic acid, remember its not the organic fluoride their putting in our water, is tephlon. Grapes are another highly toxic source of fluoride due to the use of pesticides. Fertilizer contains high amounts of the toxic waste. Dannon adds fluoride to their drinking water. Cooking with aluminum, which raises the toxicity of fluoradited water, is also harmful and is the real culprit in Alzheimer’s. And worse for children, Fluoride sucks the lead out of plumbing passing it into your child’s bath, toothbrush and cool-aid.
Interestingly, the areas in the U.S were depleted Uranium are stored, have the highest statewide water fluoridation rate. In Washington, the site of the Manhattan Project, Fluoride is used in 100% of the state’s water. Paducah, Kentucky is another uranium storage site with a 99.6% use of fluoride. Oakridge, Tennessee also stores uranium and has a statewide use of 96%. Portsmouth, Ohio, another uranium storage site has a 90.6% state usage. I don’t think this could be a coincidence.
Do not drink the water, use ice in restaurants or cook with tap water. Installing a carbon type filter on your tap filters out fluoride. Drinking water that is distilled using reverse osmosis is also safe. Don’t cook with aluminum or tephlons pans. Drink Organic Wine. Don’t take baths in tap water; fluoride is absorbed in the skin. And definitely do not use fluoride toothpaste. My grandparents always used baking soda and gargled with peroxide (pre fluoridated water days). Below is a recipe for making your own toothpaste, it keeps your breath fresher than the toxic waste they have been selling us.
Non-Toxic Waste Toothpaste

MAKE YOUR OWN TOOTH POWDER. Thoroughly mix 3 parts baking soda (the cleanser and sweetener) with part salt (the abrasive) and funnel the compound into a short small-mouthed container such as a pop or beer bottle.        J]|jYou’ll find that the creation has a satisfying, different taste and leaves your mouth feeling very fresh and soothed. If you’d like, add a few drops of peppermint or wintergreen oil to the concoction – or mix the home ‘brew’ half-and-half with a commercial tooth powder – to give the dentifrice a more pleasant flavor.   

MAKE YOUR OWN TOOTHPASTE. This formula is simply an extension of the tooth powder recipe: To each half cup of homemade powder, add 3 teaspoons of glycerin, 10-20 drops of flavoring (peppermint, wintergreen, anise, cinnamon or whatever) and 1 drop of food coloring. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and add just enough water to make the concoction ‘tooth-pastey’. Spoon the substance into a small refillable plastic squeeze bottle or any container that dispenses easily and won’t leak. VoilÁ! Toothpaste!  



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Medium Cool

Posted in Government Toys by blackboxjournal on February 19, 2010

Today I nominate “Medium Cool” as an American Movie Classic worthy of a spot on your shelf right next to “Easy Rider”. Directed by Haskell Wexler and released in 1969, it marks a small piece of american history that must not be forgotten; the riots of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. Violence disrupted peaceful protests as riot police battled against American citizens in a war for freedom. Demonstrators fought like urban guerillas without guns to stand against their government. Innocent bystanders were beaten including a little boy. The violence was broadcast on live t.v for 17 minutes. There were 23,000 police to 10,000 protesters reminding all U.S citizens that our country is not our own but a police state.

The highlight of the movie for me is during the psychedelic nightclub sequence when the band sings a song called “Phony Hippies”. The real band was called “The Litter”. The lyrics are awesome, here’s the chorus, sung by Frank Zappa in the original movie release:

Every town must have a place
Where phony hippies meet
Psychedelic dungeons
Popping up on every street

Wexler does a beautiful job with the cinematography mixing real documentary pieces with the script. The actors are actually at the riots. He also won an Academy Award for one of my favorite films, “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.

You can pick up “Medium Cool” at the Broward library.

Free Haiti

Posted in Government Toys by blackboxjournal on February 17, 2010

Huge oil reserves in Hait discovered in 1979


It was 46 degrees this morning! I’ve laid out  for a  total of 2 inglorious hours  since my last post. This is the 22nd most popular international tourist destination because of our warm climate, even during the winter. All this Christmas time weather has gotten me and the rest of the nation re-thinking global warming. On saturday there was snow on the ground in 49 states including Florida! 

Maybe Al Gore is right about Global Warming as evidenced by the extreme weather. But the United States is looking more like “The Day after Tomorrow”. Maybe we will see a live performance of “2012” this summer.  Or perhaps this hot chocolatey weather is proof of an inconvenient conspiracy cooked up by the Illuminati. Afterall Gore, Bush, Clinton and Obama all belong to the super secret  CFR ( council on foreign relations), which further credit claims of the N.W.O (New World Order) and its rise to power. I still remember when Bush Jr. was appointed by the Grand Pu Ba and my grandmother’s over emotional reaction, “God put him there!,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks. “Thank you Jesus!”, she shouted. Her patriotic fervor for a man whose family had money in Nazi Banks while her own husband trembled underwater as bombs swished by proves even further that he is (at least from 2001-2009) the one true Anti-Christ. 

Now that most of the WWII generation has passed on, there is a new generation of blood to be tricked into their war mongering schemes. Perhaps creating hysteria over Global Warming is the new Hitler for the new millenium, our 2 minute hate. But isn’t the U.S and our dinosaurs in Washington responsible for all that industrial waste? 

I wonder what our grandfathers would say if they knew about H.A.A.R.P “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”. This little talked about project has used 250 million dollars in U.S tax money since 2008. The U.S government claims H.A.A.R.P’s main purpose is to study the ionosphere. However, some scientists and physicists claim its true purpose is to use as a weather weapon capable of causing earthquakes, floods and blizzards. 

Even before the aftershocks began, the blogging on H.A.A.R.P and the Haiti Earthquake was conspired. Iran and Venezuela blaim H.A.A.R.P ( No surprise really, there a little pissed at us). According to the Russian Naval Fleet we were aiming for Iran, but missed. Here is an excerpt from whatdoesit : 

“A grim report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin is stating today that the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the Island of Haiti was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used by the Americans upon the Persian Nation of Iran but had gone ‘horribly wrong’.” 

you can read the rest of the report here

The truth can often be so unobtainable or seem so fucking ridiculous that I’d rather just drop some acid and wait for the aliens or a-bombs or the agnostics, maybe the Avengers or Avril Lavigne in boyshorts with a hot pink cape and a dildo magic wand to wipe away all the bullshit lying politicians. 

Well the sad fact is that all conspiracies aside, the U.S does have a shady history with the country of Haiti. Perhaps you know about the Haitian Rebellion of 2004, a coup d’ etat (My favorite Wendy O Williams album, which is sadly out of print)? Somehow I don’t remember seeing this on CNN, but their president at the time Jean-Bertrand Aristide claimed he was kidnapped by the U.S just before his second term. He claims the U.S Wanted him to sell off Haiti’s state owned enterprises such as electricity and telephones. He argued that privatizing those companies would have just made the rich richer and the poor even poorer. Friend to George Bush, current President Rene Preval has done just that. 

  In 2003 the leader of the Haitian gang called the “Cannibal Army” was killed leading to a militant uprising that was supported by the U.S Government according to a lawyer representing the Haitian Government. The rebels who changed their name to the “National Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Haiti” fought Aristide’s police and civilian army even in Port Au Prince before the situation de-escalated . Aristides claims he did not volunteer to leave, but had this to say: 

“There is a document that was signed to avoid a bloodbath, but there was no formal resignation,” he said. “This political kidnapping was the price to pay to avoid a bloodbath.” 

Even the University of Miami school of Law had this to say about the rebellion: 

“U.S. officials blame the crisis on armed gangs in the poor neighborhoods, not the official abuses and atrocities, nor the unconstitutional ouster of the elected president. Their support for the interim government is not surprising, as top officials, including the Minister of Justice, worked for U.S. government projects that undermined their elected predecessors. Coupled with the U.S. government’s development assistance embargo from 2000–2004, the projects suggest a disturbing pattern.” 

During times of crisis Corporations and wealthy Nations profit from devastated countries by sending aid in the form of loans that must be re-payed. Emergency contracts are signed that benefit a handful of corporations such as Bechtel and Halliburton did during the Iraq War. Right now the census amongst U.S Citizens is that it is good for us to re-build in Haiti with the belief that Haiti will be better off than before the earthquake.On January 13th a pro-corporatist organization called the Heritage  Foundation had this to say about what the role of the U.S in Haiti should be: 

“The U.S. government response should be bold and decisive. It must mobilize U.S. civilian and military capabilities for short-term rescue and relief and long-term recovery and reform. President Obama should tap high-level, bipartisan leadership. Clearly former President Clinton, who was already named as the U.N. envoy on Haiti, is a logical choice. President Obama should also reach out to a senior Republican figure, perhaps former President George W. Bush, to lead the bipartisan effort for the Republicans. 

While on the ground in Haiti, the U.S. military can also interrupt the nightly flights of cocaine to Haiti and the Dominican Republic from the Venezuelan coast and counter the ongoing efforts of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to destabilize the island of Hispaniola. This U.S. military presence, which should also include a large contingent of U.S. Coast Guard assets, can also prevent any large-scale movement by Haitians to take to the sea in dangerous and rickety watercraft to try to enter the U.S. illegally.” 

Inviting Mr. Bush to Haiti as a spokesman for disaster preparedness would be brilliant, maybe this time we can get Wyclef Jean to say, ” George Bush exploits black people”. Yes, stop the nightly cocaine flights, so we can bring more into Miami. Thats just what my friends need, more crack rocks! 

Another reason for the ousting of Haiti’s first Democratically elected president sounds all too familiar: oil. Since 1979 it’s been known that the Caribean Island has huge oil reserves and other rare minerals hiding between tetonic plates. Aristide planned on pumping the oil in hopes of strengthening Haiti’s economy. He didn’t want those riches to end up in the hands of the Oligarchs which is what is going to happen now. Here is an excerpt describing his plans for Haiti:   

 “The Aristide development plan was contained in the book published in Haiti in 2000, Investir dans l’Human. Livre Blanc de Fanmi Lavalas sous la Direction de Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Port-au-Prince, Imprimerie Henri Deschamps, 2000. It contained detailed maps, tables, graphics, and a national development plan for 2004 “covering agriculture, environment, commerce and industry, the financial sector, infrastructure, education, culture, health, women’s issues, and issues in the public sector.” In 2004, using NGOs and the UN and a vicious propaganda campaign to vilify Aristide, the Bush administration got rid of the elected President.” 

Since January 12 more of that black gold was released making it easier to pump. Pay attention to the companies getting the big contracts during the re-building of Haiti in the upcoming months so you can learn the TRUTH for yourself; It is always profit over people. 

If you look at the history of  Haiti you will see it is a country that has been exploited from its beginning  with its “independence” from France 200 years ago, to its current situation as greedy nations grasp for control. The majority of Haiti’s debt was lifted last June, however their problems go deeper than debt. The world must stop looking at the country as a nation of ex-slaves, criminals and voodooist, but as a people recovering from a horrific genocide. Like the Jews in Germany, Africans have been targeted for their skin color and religious practices. Africans were an earth loving, magical people like the pagans. They should have their country back with all its natural resources and live free as a free species on a free planet, fuck capitalism, fuck consumerism, fuck religion (most genocide is committed under the pretense of religion), fuck manifest destiny and the space race. We need to take care of each other and the planet. 

Fact Sheet: 

To learn more about H.A.A.R.P 

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